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Moray & Salinas

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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

2008 Mark Collins


Peru 2004 - Day 9, Crop circles at Moray & Salt Pans at Salinas

Arranged by our tour operator, today's extra trips turned out to be among the best!

Peru rail locomotive in the highlands above Cuzco - MTCOn a day when no trains were running, this locomotive is presumably on its way to assist with the repair operations.

Notice the boy looking after his family's animals.

On the way we stopped at this Indian market, which seemed more authentic than others we had visited; the local people appeared to be trading as well as selling their wares to tourists.  There was also a makeshift bar where the local people were imbibing their local corn based brew - it looked revolting! 

Alan of course had to buy some more pots!

Alan buying pots in an Indian Market - MTCAlan buying pots in an Indian Market - MTC
Peruvuan boy in market - MTCPeruvuans selling vegetables - MTC

From the market we climbed high up onto the plains above Cuzco and the Sacred Valley.

What a fantastic view across the highland lake over the patchwork of fields to the mountains beyond.

View across the highlands - MTC
Inca circular terraces - MTCA long bumpy track took us to the Inca crop circles at Moray. 

There are three holes lined with circular terraces where apparently the Inca's tried out different crops in the protected environment.

Mum spotted the stick insect, which kindly agreed to be photographed! 

Here are the three wise monkeys sitting on the Inca steps leading from one terrace to another!

Peruvian stick insect - MTC


Sitting on the steps between the Inca circular terraces - MTC

Here is another view of the circles, from the rim - what a long way down.

The terraces are being restored and the local farmers are once again using this ancient place to grow crops.

Moray has interesting fauna, here are a couple of lovely plants we spotted.

Inca circular terraces - MTC
Flowers at the Inca circular terraces - MTCFlowers at the Inca circular terraces - MTC
Water channels at the Inca circular terraces - MTCThese channels once carried the water from terrace to terrace to irrigate the crops.

The people obtained access using the steps visible in the photo below.

Steps at the Inca circular terraces - MTC

Salinas is in the Urubamba valley and again is approached on a bumpy road across a cultivated plain.  This is the first view of the salt flats from the road, which descends at an alarming rate down the side of the hill!


It seems to be break time for the adobe brick making team!

Salt flats at Salinas - MTC
Boy at the salt flats at Salinas - MTCSalt flats at Salinas - MTC
Boy at the salt flats at Salinas - MTCThis is where the salty water bubbles up from below the ground before being routed through miles of little channels and to hundreds of pans created on the mountainside for evaporation.

Periodically the pans must be dug out to remove the mud sediment which settles below the salt.  This is what these two guys are doing.

Digging out a salt pan at Salinas - MTC

Digging out a salt pan at Salinas - MTC
Salt pool at Salinas - MTCSalt flats at Salinas - MTC
Mark at the salt flats at Salinas - MTCGeranium and salt pans - MTC

Another glorious view of mountains and high plateau as we drove away from Salinas.

Mountain view - MTC