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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

2008 Mark Collins


A little about Alan!

Alan and his sister AnitaAlan Loze hails from Devon and we've been together for four and a half years.  Here is a picture of him with his sister, Anita, at her wedding in October 1998.

And this is them when somewhat younger!

Anita and her brother Alan when young
Robert Loze with his three childrenHere is a picture of Alan's father Robert, holding Anita as a baby, Alan is sitting in front of his brother Christopher.

Alan's mum features in some of the photo album picture, here and here.

We have done some work on Alan's family tree, the results are here.

This picture is of Effie Kiff, Alan's grandmother, with Anita and Alan standing on the bridge over the stream outside the family home, Rows Farm in Coombe Martin, Devon. 

The picture below is Alan outside of his old Primary School in Coombe Martin, Devon, taken on a visit on 11th July 2003.

Alan outside of his school in Coombe Martin - 11th July 2003 - MTCRows Farm, Coombe Martin - 11th July 2003 - MTC

Rows Farm, Coombe Martin, Devon

Above is is Rows Farm in Coombe Martin, North Devon where Alan spent his childhood, taken on 11th July 2003.

The picture on the left gives a closer look at the farm; the white house in the centre of the above view is the house in the background (right) in this view.

His brother has returned to the cottage on the right of the photograph and is still there.

Alan is a many of many talents - he is a skilled gardener and a brilliant cook.  His meals carry quite a reputation  with my work colleagues and family alike and are a large contributory factor to my expanding girth!  Alan thinks it has more to do with my chocolate consumption!!

Here is a photo of Alan I took at Barrington Court.