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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

2008 Mark Collins


  Our Cats - and they are spoilt rotten!

Jasper - MTCCat animationWe both love animals, although Alan is rather keener on dogs than I am.  His last dog, Lady, was a lovely Spaniel who sadly died a couple of years ago.  I have kept tropical fish in my past, although a fishpond in the garden has been the closest in recent years.

However, we both love cats and currently have two, Jasper and Fox.  We are an all male household and until recently also shared our house with Edward, an enormous ginger tom, who's explorations unfortunately led to his death on the road a couple of months back. Here are Fox (right) and Jasper (above) in September 2000.

Jasper and Fox were given to us on a visit a year back to Alan's family in Taunton when they were little kittens and we planned to transport them in a cardboard cat carrier.

Fox - MTC

 This caused much mewing and scratching at the cardboard - being shut in was clearly not popular.  We had barely gone 10 miles before a small paw was visible at the corner of the box and they spent the rest of the journey curled up on Alan's lap.  This, as you can imagine, required great care at petrol & refreshment stops to prevent escapes!

Anyway we got them safely back to Sussex and they are now very much at home.  They are both 'lap cats' and love nothing better than to curl up on our knees for a night in front of the telly.  I also less keen to admit that they both usually spend the night on the bed.  Here is Fox, April 2001, quite mad!

Fox with his legs in the air! - MTC
Fox and Jasper sleepy in the sun, May 2002 - MTCAnd here in the garden dozing in the sun, May 2002.

I took this extraordinary picture in the dark - the camera flash has given Fox supernatural abilities!

This picture has not been retouched at all.

There is another picture of Fox and Jasper here, and another of Jasper here, both taken in 2004.

Fox with x-ray eyes - MTC