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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

2008 Mark Collins


Some of my many relatives

Here are a few pictures of my many relatives.  Family is very important to me, and although it may sound a strange to say, my relatives never fail to make me feel proud to be part of such a strong family.  We are close, supportive and great friends, almost without exception.  I grew up with frequent contact with my cousins, uncles and aunts and am extremely grateful and probably a better person for it.  There is a saying you can choose your friends but not your family.  For me I couldn't have chosen better!

This is a full set of the Collins (1st) cousins with just two partners missing! 

The picture was taken 28th October 2001 in a Pizza restaurant in Tunbridge Wells. My brother Lance and his wife Tracey are at the front right, followed by Alan, myself, cousin Lynne and her partner Darren.  

At front left is cousin Adrian (who lives in Florida with his wife Toni), then cousin Catherine (husband John at home with the children), Mark (Louise's husband), cousin Louise, cousin Rachel and her husband Richard.

My cousins - taken by the restaurant proprieter
Harry, Beatrice, Madelaine & Angus - MTC

Moving to the next generation of Collins cousins - here is a picture of Harry, Beatrice, Madelaine and Angus.  Harry and Madelaine are Richard & Rachel's children and Angus and Beatrice are Catherine & Johns. I took this picture at a family tea party in mum's garden on 29th July 2001. Little Beatrice is looking very worried!

My brother, Lance, is married to Tracey and they have a son, Matthew.  They also live in Kent, in the village of Horsmonden.

 They were married on the same day my daughter, Ruth, was born, so that date will always be remembered in the family!


Here is a picture of Matthew taken at Mum's house in November 2001 stroking Gypsy the cat.  Gypsy belongs to Lance and Tracey, but during a house move complication they all stayed at mum's for some months.  Gypsy decided to stay when they were finally able to occupy their new house, and has made herself well at home!

Matthew with Gypsy, November 2001

Here is a picture taken in my mother's living room in November 2002, from right to left

Back row: Mark Conway, Margaret Butcher, John Walker, Adrian Collins, Alan Loze
Middle: Rachel Wild, Catherine Walker, Richard Wild, Harry Wild, Ann Collins, Tracy Collins, Daisy May Conway, Louise Conway, Lance Collins
Front: Beatrice Walker, Mark Collins, Maddy Wild, Angus Walker, Matthew Collins, Lynn Collins, Adrian Baldock

See a bigger version here

Clan Gathering - November 2002 - MTC
Kathleen & Terry Bale, 2002 - MTCThis picture was taken in the Elephant's head pub, Lamberhurst, on 27th October 2002 and is of my mum's half sister Kathleen and her husband Terry Bale, who live near Norwich in Norfolk.

And here is Kathleen's sister, Julie Butler, my mothers sister and my aunt.  Julie has the nickname Julie 'Lemon' in the family, christened such by my brother's son Matthew when they tasted raw lemon together when he was a young toddler!

Julie Butler - 23rd June 2002 - MTC
Edwina Hall, my great Aunt

This final picture is of a very special lady, my great Aunt Edwina, or Aunty Jack as she was always know as when I was a child.

Edwina is the sister of my mother's mother who tragically died when my mother was only twelve.

Edwina, and her husband John, did much to help mum through her late teenage years, mum in fact ended up living with them on their farm, helping to look after their young children Penny & Brodie.

I personally owe Edwina much, including a love of of both classical music and garden landscaping, both encouraged by her when I was in my teens.