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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

© 2008 Mark Collins



Here are some pictures of various family gatherings ....

30th January, My mother's home, Ashurst

From left to right:
Alan Loze, Mark Collins, Roger Butler, Siv Butler, Lance Collins, Matthew Collins, Ann Collins,  Tracy Collins

Sunday Lunch at mum's - Ashurst, Kent

Boxing day, 26th December 2004 - With my brother and his family and mum

From left to right:
Matthew Collins, Lance Collins, Ruth Collins, Ann Collins (hidden!),  Tracy Collins, Daniel Collins, Alan Loze, Mark Collins

Boxing Day at home, 2004 - Newick, Sussex

At my mother's house, November 2002 - Collins Cousins

From right to left
Back row: Mark Conway, Margaret Butcher, John Walker, Adrian Collins, Alan Loze
Middle: Rachel Wild, Catherine Walker, Richard Wild, Harry Wild, Ann Collins, Tracy Collins, Daisy May Conway, Louise Conway, Lance Collins
Front: Beatrice Walker, Mark Collins, Maddy Wild, Angus Walker, Matthew Collins, Lynn Collins, Adrian Baldock

Collins cousins - November 2002 - Kent

Collins family reunion at Newick - 22nd July 2000

From left to right:
Louise Conway, Mark Conway (Daisy May Conway on his shoulders), David Hayes, Kevin Bampton, Celia Hayes (Carrying Cherrie Blossom Hayes), Joseph Bampton, Diana Bampton, Michael Strutt, Janet Strutt, Geoff Richards, Cynthia Winder, Frank Winder, Catherine Winder, Norah Tichener, Ethel Armstrong, (James) Andrew Armstrong, Elizabeth Armstrong, Tom Richards, John Walker, Joan Collins, Matthew Wheeler, Sarah Collins, Keith Collins, Mary Collins (hidden), Emma Collins (holding Annabelle Collins), Russell Middleton
Sitting: Tracy Collins, Matthew Collins, Lance Collins, Ruth Collins, Rachel Wild, Angus Walker, Madeleine Wild, Harry Wild, Catherine Walker, Beatrice Walker, Margaret Butcher, Mark Collins
Photographer: Ann Collins (mum)

Family Reunion in Newick July 2000 - Sussex

At my house of my maternal grandfather (Percy Butler) in Norfolk, August 1977
on the occasion of his retirement.

From left to right
Roger Butler, Violet Butler, Percy Butler, Julie Butler, Mark Collins, Lance Collins, Ann Collins, PŚl Butler, Siv Butler, Tonja Butler.  My father, Roger Collins was taking the picture.

Percy Butler's Retirement Celebration - August 1977 - RCC