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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

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Peru 2004 - Day 4, Condors & Highland Villages

After a rather headachy night (altitude sickness) we had a very early start to get to the rim of the Colca Canyon (one of the deepest in the world, and twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the USA) to see the Condors rising on the air currents.

 Rising to a beautiful day, the rain storm of yesterday having vanished overnight, the Colca Lodge  looked amazing in the morning sunlight.

Here are a couple of views, one from in front of the dining room, the other from the car parking area high above the lodge - we were breathless after the short climb up due to the altitude!

The third view was taken after a drive down the valley, over a bridge, and back up the other side.

Colca Lodge in the early morning Sunshine - MTC
Colca Lodge in the early morning Sunshine from the parking space above - MTCColca Lodge in the early morning Sunshine from the opposite side of the valley - MTC

The drive up the valley took us through amazing landscapes, including an area where a landslip had destroyed the old road and uprooted several large trees.

There is a picture of me and Alan at the Colca Canyon in my photograph album

Scenery in the Colca valley - MTC

At around 9am we reached the Cruz del Condor, a fabulous look out point high on the canyon's edge.

We were very fortunate in seeing many condors at the canyon, here are some of the better photographs.

We spent a couple of hours here sitting and watching these impressive birds, which seemed to be showing off in front of us!

I like the one of the two condors perched on a rock sunning themselves!

Condor in the Colca valley - MTC
Condor in the Colca valley - MTCCondor in the Colca valley - MTC
The crowd at Colca Canyon - MTCCondors in the Colca valley - MTC

Above is a group shot (from left to right), yours truly, Ann Collins (Mum), Chris Riley, Alan Loze, Susan Garwood, Tim Riley & Steve Garwood.

Here is mum standing by the plaque on the edge of the canyon.

Growing near the edge were these attractive plants, fantastic bright colours!

We particularly loved the blue lupins with their attractive grey leaves which seem very common in Peru.

Mum at the Colca valley - MTC
Flower on the edge of the Colca Canyon - MTCFlower on the edge of the Colca Canyon - MTC
Flower on the edge of the Colca Canyon - MTCOn the drive back down the Canyon, we stopped on a couple of occasions to absorb the view and also to see some ancient cliff burials, or hanging tombs, and some curious rocks which have had maps of the canyon carved on the by the ancients.

The burial chambers contained mummies, which have now been removed to museums.

Burial Chamber in the cliffs, Colca Canyon - MTCBurial Chamber in the cliffs, Colca Canyon - MTC
Map of the valley carved into a rock, Colca Canyon - MTCThe rock shown here contains a carved landscape that matches the view across the valley.

There are several such rocks in different locations in the canyon.

As usual, the stopping places had local people selling their souvenir wares. There local costumes and smiling faces are very photogenic.

Peruvian girl, Colca Canyon - MTCPeruvian lady, Colca Canyon - MTC
Peruvian lady, Colca Canyon - MTC