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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

2008 Mark Collins


San Francisco - Autumn 2000

Trams on Fishermens Wharf MTCWork sent me to San Francisco in the Autumn of 2000 - to the Siebel User week in San Jose.  I was able to take a couple of days out in San Francisco at the tail end of the trip to explore this diverse and friendly city. 

The morning of my arrival I awoke very early because of the time shift and spent a very pleasant hour or so wandering along the Wharf.

Here is the obligatory picture of the trams on Fisherman's Wharf.

The weather was variable during my trip, as demonstrated in his picture of me in the rain at the Golden Gate bridge!

Go there - you will really enjoy it!

There are a couple more pictures of this trip in my Photo Album - take a look!

In the rain by Golden Gate bride taken by unknown passer by!

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