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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

2008 Mark Collins


This was an amazing holiday....

During September and October of 1998, we had what has probably been the best holiday (so far) of my life.  Four weeks in Canada, two in the mountains of British Columbia, followed by a few days in Vancouver, then Victoria on Vancouver Island and finishing up with nearly a week staying with my sister in law's sister and her husband in Toronto.

Here are some of the highlights of the trip!

We were so grateful to be met at the airport in Vancouver by Geordie Roberts (far right in the picture below, holding his son Aidan) and dropped off to our hotel where we crashed out for the night.

Our first task the following day was to collect our 'RV' (recreational vehicle) which was to be our home on wheels for the next couple of weeks.  After a visit to the supermarket to stock up on all those essentials we were ready for the road!

Here is Alan in residence at our first camp site next to a river on the way into the mountains.

RV, Canada 1998 - MTC
Relatives in Vancouver - ARL

One of the reasons for choosing Canada as our holiday destination was to meet long lost relatives, descended from my paternal grandmother's mother's brothers, Bill & Jack Monk, who emigrated to Canada at the turn of the last century (c.1900).

Corresponding with Geordies mother, Lois, had led to contact being re-established and we were delighted to meet Geordie, his wife Frances (on the left above( and their two children Aidan and Gareth, together with cousins Eileen Kernaghan (centre) and Margaret Bailey for a picnic lunch.

A fabulous welcome on our first day to their wonderful country!

Before arriving in Canada, we had planned to spend most of our time exploring the mountains of British Columbia, and at the same time ensuring we visited relatives in the small town of Grindrod, where the two Monk brothers had settled and made their home.

So setting off along the Frazer canyon we took the road towards Jasper, which was to be the most northern town of our trip. En route we passed 'Hell's gate' where a cable car takes the inquisitive visitor to an interesting museum and views of a salmon gates (to allow spawning salmon to travel upstream) in the turbulent river below.

Hell's Gate, British Columbia, Canada - MTCHell's gate, British Columbia, Canada - MTC
White water rafting - Canada - 1998 - purchased photoThe next day we decided to get a little 'closer' to the water and went white water rafting, a first for both of us. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, although Alan wasn't quite so sure.  Here we are battling with our paddles, we at the front right hand corner of the picture (Alan at the front).

There are a couple more pictures of this in my Photo Album, here and here.

We were invited to swim during a calmer stretch of the river, and we all jumped into the water. Alan, not a strong swimmer declined the invitation, a wise choice as the current was still strong, and although I am a confident swimmer I found the experience somewhat alarming!

The following day we completed the journey to Jasper, stopping at Rearguard Falls on the way.  At Jasper we took the cable car to the top of Whistler Mountain, where it is possible to explore the tundra on board walks.

Here is the view of Jasper from the mountain top - the weather was cloudy but as you can see there were occasional openings to let the sun through.

View of Jasper from Whistler Mountain - MTC

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