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Snapper Halt

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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

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Snapper Halt ~ Lynton & Barnstaple Railway ~ Devon

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Time did not permit a visit to Snapper Halt in 2003, however on my return visit in 2004 I found the waiting shelter and platform edge after quite a while searching (the location is not marked on the ordnance survey maps).

I am grateful to be told on 1st January 2011 by Nik from Exmoor Associates Ltd on that they have been successful in securing Snapper Halt and the track bed here - another part of the jigsaw completed!

Snapper Halt - 17th August 2004 - MTC

This second view is looking northwards. The undergrowth on the track bed conceals muddy pools of water, as I discovered!

Snapper Halt - 17th August 2004 - MTC

The inside of the shelter still has remnants of the boarded ceiling, but the weather is slowly taking its toll.

Snapper Halt (the inside of the waiting shelter) - 17th August 2004 - MTC

Following the embankment a little way north I found a small bridge crossing a low cattle creep.

Snapper Halt (Cattle Creep) - 17th August 2004 - MTC

Snapper halt was the location for two railway coaches for many years after closure. Coach No. 1 (SR 6991), an observation brake composite, and Coach 15 (SR 6993), a brake composite were left stranded on a short lengths of track in the platform.  How they came to get there is still rather a mystery.

After a few years in agricultural use, Coach No 1 was eventually burned and Coach 15 was removed by the then newly formed Festiniog Railway in 1959.  After modifications this coach has now run more years in Wales than it did on the Lynton & Barnstaple.