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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

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Bratton Fleming Station ~ Lynton & Barnstaple Railway ~ Devon

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Bratton Fleming Station was situated some distance downhill from the village, adjacent to a bridge that carried the road over the line.

Here is the view from the bridge on 12th July 2003, looking down the formation southwards.  The station platforms were to the left behind the tree - the goods sidings roughly followed the line of the track that is visible leading downhill to the right. The view over the north facing parapet is blocked by trees and nettles, although the formation looks intact, if rather soggy in that direction. I got my wrists stung by nettles trying to achieve a picture, but the result is not worth including here.

Bratton Fleming Station, Devon - 12th July 2003 - MTC

The station itself is in private ownership, and is barely visible from the road.  However the roof is clearly identifiable and looks little altered from the photographs contemporary with the operation of the railway.

Here is a view looking down the hill over the bridge.

Bratton Fleming Railway Bridge - 12th July 2003 - MTC

Just below the bridge, where the level of the road reached that of the railway, a gate gave entrance to the goods sidings.

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