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Collard Bridge

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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

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Collard Bridge ~ Lynton & Barnstaple Railway ~ Devon

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I visited this bridge on 17th August 2004, it is looking in very good order following attentions given by the owners of this piece of the track bed, Exmoor Associates Ltd on 26th July 2004.

Collard Bridge - 17th August 2004 - MTC

The bridge carries a small road across the track bed.  It marks the start of the 1 in 50 ascent of the old line which continues for eight miles to Blackmoor at the boundary of Exmoor.  The bridge gets it name as it is where the real collar work started for the locomotive crews.

The track bed is plain to see in this view south from the bridge towards Snapper Halt.

Collard Bridge - 17th August 2004 - MTC

Sadly, the bridge which carried the line back over the river to reach Snapper Halt is no longer extant, as shown in the photo below. The remains of a Southern Railways concrete fence post has fallen into the river.

Remains of bridge over River Yeo, Snapper - 17th August 2004 - MTC

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