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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

2008 Mark Collins


Postcards of Royal Tunbridge Wells published by J Valentine

This page is an index of postcards of Tunbridge Wells published by J Valentine. 

If you have additions or corrections to this, or any of my postcard lists I would be delighted to hear from you.

Thumbnails are linked to a larger image of the card on a page on this website.  They will open in a new window.

  Mount Pleasant, Tunbridge Wells 1905
  Rusthall Common, Tunbridge Wells 1903
  Mount Pleasant, Tunbridge Wells 1905
  Tunbridge Wells 1906
  Mount Ephraim, Royal Tunbridge Wells  
  The Pantiles Tunbridge Wells 1902
  Mount Ephraim, Royal Tunbridge Wells 1906
  General Hospital, Tunbridge Wells 1905
 218928The Forge on the Common, Tunbridge Wells  
 35961The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells 1910
High Rocks, Tunbridge Wells - Valentine35584High Rocks, Royal Tunbridge Wells  
Bell Rock, High Rocks, Tunbridge Wells - Valentine35585Bell Rock, Royal Tunbridge Wells  
 35955Royal Tunbridge Wells from the Common  
 35956Happy Valley, Royal Tunbridge Wells 1915
 35963Mount Ephraim from the Common, Royal Tunbridge Wells  
Toad Rock, Rusthall, near Tunbridge Wells 191235964The Toad Rock, Royal Tunbridge Wells (I have two versions, one has a red roof on the house, one grey) 1908
 36564High Rocks, Royal Tunbridge Wells  
 36878The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells  
 36995The Common, Royal Tunbridge Wells 1919
 37053Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells 1907
 37054The Pantiles, Royal Tunbridge Wells 1912
 37176Bayham Abbey, near Tunbridge Wells  
 38284Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells  
 38159Rusthall Common, Tunbridge Wells  
The Opera House, Mount Pleasant, Tunbridge Wells38912The Opera House, Royal Tunbridge Wells 1906
 46984The Brighton Lake, Tunbridge Wells  
Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent49326Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells  
 51913Five Ways, Tunbridge Wells  
 53251Queen's Grove, Tunbridge Wells  
 53246Tunbridge Wells from the Common  
Tunbridge Wells West (Brighton) Station53490Brighton Station, Royal Tunbridge Wells 1913
 53491Pembury Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells 1913
 53493Trinity Church, Tunbridge Wells  
 57677Bandstand, The Pantiles, Royal Tunbridge Wells 1914
High Rocks Road, Tunbridge Wells57679High Rocks Road, Tunbridge Wells  
The Lake, High Rocks, Tunbridge Wells - Valentine's57680High Rocks Lake, Tunbridge Wells  
 58357Taking the Waters, Royal Tunbridge Wells  
 63409The Chalybeate Spring, Tunbridge Wells  
 63731Grosvenor Recreation Ground, Royal Tunbridge Wells  
View from the tower of Holy Trinity Church, Tunbridge Wells70344Church Road and Common, Royal Tunbridge Wells 1914
View from St John's Church looking south, Tunbridge Wells70346View from St. John's Church, Royal Tunbridge Wells  
View from St John's Church looking north, Tunbridge Wells70347St John's, Royal Tunbridge Wells  
 70348Fir Tree Pond on the Common, Royal Tunbridge Wells  
 70350Queens Grove on the Common, Royal Tunbridge Wells  
 70356Devil's Dyke in the Commons, Royal Tunbridge Wells 1912
 74510Mount Pleasant, Royal Tunbridge Wells  
Tunbridge Wells, Mount Pleasant - Celesque Series74511Mount Pleasant, Royal Tunbridge Wells  
 78980Sunday Afternoon, Tunbridge Wells Common  
 79478Tunbridge Wells from above the Nevill Cricket Ground  
 91054High Rocks, Tunbridge Wells  
 91055Toad Rock, Tunbridge Wells  
Castle Hotel & Wesleyan Church, London Road, Tunbridge Wells91101Castle Hotel and London Road, Tunbridge WellsPhotogravure 
 92575101 Steps, Happy Valley, Tunbridge Wells  
Old Kitchen, Happy Valley, Tunbridge Wells92576Old Kitchen, Happy Valley, Tunbridge WellsPhotogravure 
 H5588The Pantiles, Tunbridge WellsCollo Colour1956
  Happy Valley, Royal Tunbridge Wells533300 
  High Rocks, Royal Tunbridge Wells533300 
 D4471Burmese Bell and Calverley Grounds, Tunbridge Wells  
 G1916Kent and Sussex Hospital, Tunbridge Wells 1952

*Dates are from postmarks where available