Royal Tunbridge Wells - London Road, Post Office & Wesleyan Church

The Wesleyan Methodist Church is on the extreme left of this Valentine's Card, with the Castle hotel in the foreground.  Is that car the predecessor of the stretch limo?  There is a modern view of the same scene, here, in my Photograph Album.

Tunbridge Wells - Castle Hotel & Wesleyan Church, London Road

The Wesleyan Church has a page in my Church Album.

Here is a view of the interior of the church from a postcard posted in 1912.  The message on the back starts "Dear Gertie, We start hop picking  tomorrow...."

Tunbridge Wells - Inside the Wesleyan Church, London Road

Here is a view from a Camburn postcard looking into Vale Royal, which connects London Road to Mount Pleasant.  The wall of the Wesleyan church is visible on the right and Martin Winsert's garage in the background.  The post office, the large building behind the tank, has recently been converted into extremely expensive luxury apartments.  The presence of a tank means the photograph was taken between the wars.

Tunbridge Wells - Vale Royal, London Road

Here is another view of the post office looking towards London Road taken in about 1910 by H Camburn in his Real Photo Series.  Other cards in this winter series can be viewed here.

Tunbridge Wells Post Office & London Road

At the top of London Road, in the triangle formed as it approached Mount Ephraim, there is an outcrop of rocks amongst which have been built a cottage.  This area is known as Gibraltar.  This area can also be seen from another angle in the card of Mount Ephraim and in this view on the Common.

The houses beyond the rocks face onto London Road.

This card is No. 68962 and was published by Photochrom Co. Ltd, Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Tunbridge Wells - Gibraltar & London Road

The next card, entitled "The Common from Mount Ephraim" is in fact an early view looking down London Road.  It is number 631 in a series painted by F W Burton and published by J Salmon of Sevenoaks.  It was posted in 1913.

Tunbridge Wells - London Road from Mount Ephraim, F W Burton 1913

This view, published by E A Sweetman during the 1940s shows the same view 50 years or so later.  Notice the distance spire of St Mark's Church in both pictures.  The rear of the card carries the exhortation "Express your thanks by building tanks."

Tunbridge Wells - London Road from Mount Ephraim, c. 1940

Scanned antique postcards

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