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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

2008 Mark Collins


Mum on a swing

All these pictures ...

You will find many of my photos throughout this site - if, for any reason, you would like a higher resolution version of any of the pictures,
take a look at the Roughwood Photography Service.


Bee Collecting Pollen

Alfriston Clergy HousePhotography has been an abiding interest since University days. I'm not a great expert on cameras, the various merits of different lenses/photographic paper or other technicalities. I just take a lot of pictures.  I've put a few of my current favourites on the Album page. Others are scattered throughoutStained Glass at Burwash the other pages.

My subject matter has varied over the years, but my children, holidays and DIY projects have featured strongly.  Nowadays I also take a lot of pictures of English Churches and Windmills.

Nutley WindmillI started in my teens with an inexpensive Zenith E camera which was stolen from me whilst on a Christian prayer weekend! Can you believe it?  I replaced this with a Pentax ME Super which was stolen a few years later while holidaying in France. I had been so pleased with this camera that I immediately replaced it with one just the same, and still have it although it rarely gets used.Hastings Pier

Most of my early pictures were taken on 35mm transparency film - I have thousands of slides as a result!  When the children came along, my former wife, Jill, asked if we could take more prints as they are easier to share and casually view.  As a result I now have approximately three thousand prints in albums.

Uckfield Signal BoxDuring 2003 I completed a major project to scan all of my Father's 35mm transparencies so that they can be shared with other members of the family more easily.  I have a Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart Photo S20 scanner which is much better than a flat bed for this type of activity. During 2004 I completed the scanning all of my own 35mm slides AND negatives - which was a huge undertaking.  However it does mean all of my photos are available for me to use on web sites and to share with friends.  Also I am finding I browse the electronic albums far more often than I ever looked at either the slides or prints.Bodiam Castle

More recently I have used digital cameras.  Since my first digital camera, a simple point and shoot Kodak (taking images of 2 million pixels), I have migrated through a few different models.  My newest camera, a Nikon D70 (Digital SLR) takes pictures of 6 million pixels.  Consequently my storage requirements are now growing at a huge rate - I have over 80GB of photos on my computer now, and backing it all up is becoming a major problem (and expense!).

Key to photographers - MTC, yours truly - ARL, Alan - RCC, my father - ARC, my mother - UP, unknown