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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

2008 Mark Collins


My greatest love (and perhaps my greatest regret.....)

I play the piano and guitar, not brilliantly but enough for my own pleasure.  Many years playing hymns and choruses in church have given me the ability to pick up a tune reasonably well.  I find reading music very difficult for some reason, so it is fortunate I appear to have a natural ability! My greatest regret is that I didn't study music more seriouMusic clipsly as a child - learning new things now is so hard, although I am now in 2004 having piano lessons again.

When it comes to listening, I have a broad range of musical taste - although I have to admit a preference for the classical composers.  The music of Mozart was my first love, Rachmaninov and Chopin coming close behind.  I also adore church organ music, as you will see from the midi files below!My organ - MTC

At University I developed a taste for Pink Floyd and Mike Oldfield, and still have a (loud) blast from time to time! A short  flirtation with softer popular music such as the Carpenters and John Denver has thankfully passed!

Demonstrating the enthusiasm of youth, I built a complex electronic organ whilst at university.  I still have the beast, although Alan insists it is kept in the garage and it hasn't been played for years.  Here is a picture of it - don't tell Alan but I do want to return it indoors at some stage!

We both enjoy more modern music, but it seems to work best for us in bars and clubs.

I've dabbled with electronic music, although I'm no expert!  Here are a selection of midi files I've sequenced myself over the years.  Some are simply 'played' into the computer from my electronic piano, others are hand sequenced (the better ones!).  Public Health Warning - some are very rough and ready!


AIR.MIDA rather mediaeval sounding piece, source forgottenUnknown
ALBATROS.MIDAlbatross as recorded by Fleetwood MacP A Green
ARCHERS.MIDBarwick Green - Theme music to The Archers - actually the finale from a suite "My Native Heath"Arthur Wood
ANDACANT.MIDAndante Cantabile from String Quartet in D, Op 11Tchaikovsky
ASWTHGLD.MIDAs with gladness men of old - one of my favourite Christmas carolsC Kocher
BARCAROL.MIDBarcarolle (Introductory Voluntary) - the music playing when you hit this pageSpohr.
CHORPREL.MIDChoral Prelude - "Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier." - one of my better efforts and an excellent tune!J S Bach
DAVDROCK.MIDDavid of the White RockTraditional
EDELWEIS.MIDEdelweiss, from the Sound of Music. words by Oscar HammersteinRichard Rogers
ELMADIG.MIDTheme from Piano Concerto No.21, K467 arranged by Robin De Smet - Theme from the film Elvira Madigan.  This was the first classical work I loved at the age of about 15.W A Mozart
GARDEN.MIDEnglish Country GardenTraditional
HANDEL01.MIDMarch in Bb from ParthenopeG F Handel
HANDEL13.MIDMinuet in B minor from ArminiusG F Handel
HONEYBEE.MIDThe Honeysuckle and the Bee - this is an old music hall song W H Penn
HOWSOON.MID"How Soon" - Theme from Richard Boone TV Show, words by A L StillmanHenry Mancini
LARGO.MIDLargo - Ombra mai fu - 'Xerxes' - bit 'clompy', needs more expression when I have time!G F Handel
LONESOME.MIDThe Trail of the Lonesome Pine (In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia), word by Ballard MacDonald, as made famous by Laurel & HardyHarry Carroll
LOSTCORD.MIDAn organ arrangement of "The Lost Chord", the words, by Adelaide A Proctor, are in the lyric track.Arthur Sullivan
MASSAS.MIDMassa's in de cold, cold ground - Old hymn tuneS Foster
MIDCLEAR.MIDIt came upon the midnight clear - my favourite Christmas carolTraditional
NEWMORN.MIDGreat is Thy  Faithfulness, a favourite hymnWilliam M Runyan
NOBLECP.MIDChoral Prelude on the tune Melcombe for organ - a pretty tune, and a composer with a brilliant name!T Tertius Noble
OFTNIGHT.MIDOft the stilly night - Traditional Irish tune 
P4_1.MIDPrelude in C majorLudvig van Beethoven
P4_2.MIDPrelude in C majorGeorge Joseph Vogler
P4_3.MIDPrelude in C majorAdolph F Hesse
P5_4.MIDPrelude in A minorBernhard Wolff
P5_5.MIDPrelude in A minorChristian H Rinck
P28.MIDPrelude in F MajorAdolph F Hesse
P61_81.MIDPrelude in D major, nice and calmingEduard Mertke
P65_87.MIDPrelude in C minor, wonderfully manic!M G Fischer
PRELINC.MIDPrelude in C from Twelve Little PreludesJ S Bach
RISEN.MIDJesus Christ is risen today - well known Easter hymnComposer unknown,  in Lyra Davidica (London: 1708)
ROMANCE.MIDSerenade: Eine Kleine NachtmusikW A Mozart
SHEPHERD.MIDWinchester Old - While shepherds watched their flocks by night.  I've added a couple of variations to the descant and base line.G Kirbye
SHEEPGRZ.MIDSheep may safely grazeJ S Bach
TAUVMUCH.MIDThank U Very Much - As recorded by The Scaffold - A tune from my childhood - and I had great fun arranging it!Michael McGear
TUNE.MIDA tune resulting from a mad jamming session years ago and kept for sentimental reasons only - absolutely no musical merit!M Collins