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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

2008 Mark Collins


Lanivet, Cornwall

My great great grandfather, John Collins and his wife Elizabeth nee Stacey made their home in Lanivet, Cornwall where the majority of their children, including my great grandfather Henry were born.

Lanivet is near Bodmin and is near the geographic centre of Cornwall.  At one time the Parish once had eleven copper mines, now all closed, where my ancestors made their living.

 Lanivet was on the old 'Saints Way', along which the early Christian saints travelled from Ireland, via Padstow, and the name literally means the 'Church site (lann), at Neved'.  Since Neved means 'a pagan sacred place', this must have been a pre-existing name for an older settlement.

Lanivet Church Town

This image was scanned from an old postcard.  John and Elizabeth lived in one of the cottages in the immediate foreground, largely concealed by the hill.

Lanivet, Cornwall from an old postcard

Lanivet Church

The Parish Church is dedicated to St Nivet and is supposed to stand in the very centre of the Cornwall land mass. The present church dates from the 15th century; it comprises a chancel, nave, and north and south aisles. There is a south porch and a priest's door, both guarded with iron gates. The tower is of three stories,  and contains six bells. The church was restored in 1864, during which some relics of a previous church were found worked into the walls. A record was found on the dedication of the high altar of a former church in 1338.

Lanivet Church, Cornwall, 1998 - MTC

Interior of Lanivet Church, April 1998 - MTC

Lanivet Methodist Chapel, April 1998

Originally built by the Bible Christians, this Methodist chapel was built in the late 19th century.

Lanivet Methodist Chapel, April 1998 - MTC