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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

2008 Mark Collins


Here are some links to sites concerned with British churches ...

  • Ancient Churches of Wales - I love this site and the "Sermon in Stones" quotation on the homepage.

  • Churchcrawler ~ Phil Draper's excellent site designed for those who love church buildings and architecture.

  • Churches ~ The site of the Ecclesiological Society.

  • Churches Conservation Trust look after 300 or so redundant churches around the country.

  • Churches of Cambridgeshire ~ Ben Colburn & Mark Ynys-Mon have a great collection of photographs and descriptions of parish churches in Cambridgeshire, well worth checking out!

  • Churches of the World - Photographs of Places of Worship.  The web master of this excellent site is Phil Evans who is slowly uploading high resolution images of churches (from contemporary photographs and scanned images from his collection.  There is a particularly good collection of Anglesey images.
    Friends of Friendless Churches ~ take a look at their site and consider joining them

  • Richard's Church Albums ~ this is an excellent site for those interested in the fantastic legacy of England's historic Parish churches.  Richard has been kind enough to publish a few of my photographs on his site. 

  • St Nicholas ~As a result of my Churches Album I have been in contact with Carol Myers, who runs a site focussing on the theme of St Nicholas - she has used some of my St Nicholas pictures, do have a look at her interesting site.

  • The Churches of East Anglia & The Norfolk Churches Site

  • The Round Towers Churches Society - The Round Tower Churches Society exists to work for the preservation of these churches, and to investigate further their origins and history.

  • The Chapels Society - The Chapels Society seeks to foster public interest in and knowledge of the architectural and historical importance of all places of worship and their related structures in the United Kingdom, loosely described as Nonconformist.

  • Tin Tabernacles - Churches, Chapels & Mission Halls in Britain

  • The Ecclesiological Society - For those who love churches

  • John Ward's Oxfordshire Churches.  John has set himself the objective of photographing every church in Oxfordshire, inside and out.

  • John Vigar's Kent Churches site - John is a friend and his site about Kent Churches focuses on interior views of the churches of Kent.

  • Ruth Sharvilles web site with images of churches with work by the Victorian architect George Fellowes Prynne.