Royal Tunbridge Wells - S. E. & C. Station, more latterly Central Station

The first station in Tunbridge Wells, and now once again the only station as the Brighton Station closed some time ago. The original clock tower was rebuilt at some stage.

Here is an early view of the station from an etching.  Christ Church is visible in right background and the Assembly Rooms in the foreground on Mount Pleasant Road.

Tunbridge Wells (Central) Station in the 19th century

Here is a night time view simulated by hand colouring - there appears to be a train in the station.

Tunbridge Wells (Central) Station at night

A less common view is of the station from the north.  Here is an image drawn by F W Burton, published by J. Salmon of Sevenoaks. Christ Church and the High Street are in the background.  You definitely wouldn't want to leave your luggage on a trolley in the road today!

Tunbridge Wells Mount Pleasant, F W Burton, J Salmon

Here is a view of the station, which is at the bottom of Mount Pleasant road, at the junction with the High Street.

Tunbridge Wells (Central) Station

Here is a view of the platforms, which are well below street level. The card is No. 2699 in the Woodbury Series

Tunbridge Wells (Central) Station - the platforms

There are other images including the Central Station on the Mount Pleasant page.

Scanned antique postcard

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