Bough Beech, Chiddingstone, Kent

Bough Beech does appear to be a place that attracted the attention of the postcard publishers to any significant degree, so if anyone has further images of this hamlet to add to the rather meagre selection of images here - do get in touch!

Brook Cottage

I would guess this photo, which I purchased on e-Bay, was taken in the early years of the 20th century.  Does anyone know who the elderly gentleman is?  An inscription on the back identifies the house as Brook Cottage.  It also states that is was at one time The Old Swan Beer House.

I have been contacted by Albert Litler (who used to live next door to us in 3 Chequers Cottages, Bough Beech) who has informed me that a Mr George Brown lived in this house in 1937.  Perhaps this is who is in this photograph?

Brook Cottage, Bough Beech, Kent

Hale Farm

Hale farm was photographed in the early twentieth century for a card published for F Martin of Chiddingstone.  It was posted in 1913, and appears to be an H Camburn card with no number visible.

Hale Farm, Bough Beech, Kent

Chequers Garage

Previously a public house, then a petrol station and now a residence, here is a view of Chequers Garage taken by my father in 1966.  It was run by the Banks family until taken over by John Pocock and Mike Peters.  John and Kath Pocock and their children Geraldine and Michael were to become long standing family friends.

Chequers Garage, Bough Beech, Kent - 1966

At the time we lived next door at 4 Chequers Cottages, shown below in July 2003.  What a shame the Victorian sash windows and door have been removed - the cottages were never pretty, but this 'modernisation' is certainly not an improvement!  The garden looks pretty though.

Chequers Garage, Bough Beech, Kent - 2003

Scanned photographs and postcard

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