Patcham (Waterhall) Windmill, East Sussex - 25th October 2004

This windmill was the last one to be built in Sussex. Construction of the tower started in February 1884 by a local builder named Hubbard. The well known Shoreham millwright firm J. W. Holloway & Son was employed to install the machinery and work was completed by February 1885. Sometime later, the tower developed cracks and required strengthening with a large iron hoop. This hoop remains as an external feature. The Harris family owned the mill throughout her working life, which ended in 1924.

Patcham Windmill, East Sussex - 25th October 2004 - MTC

The mill has changed ownership many times since the departure of the Harris family. In the 1960s she was converted into a residence with the later addition of a modern extension. However, much of the machinery was left in place, including the wind shaft, brake wheel and complete drive to the millstones. The millstones are still in place under a bedroom floor.

Patcham Windmill, East Sussex - 25th October 2004 - MTC

In 1989 the the mill was bought by George and Muriel Musgrave as a suitable premises for housing the Musgrave collection (a large collection of personal paintings and sculptures). The public were admitted to view the artwork and access to the lower floors of the mill was permitted until ill health forced the Musgraves to sell the property and move elsewhere. Sadly there is no longer any public access.

Following a storm in December 1990, when lightening struck the sweeps, repairs were carried out, including partially rebuilding the cap and replacement of the sweeps and stocks.

I have been provided with information about various Sussex windmills from  Simon Potter who runs a brilliant site about Sussex Mills. 

More information on this and other wind and water mills may be found on the excellent  Windmill World site.

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