Elim Free Church, Union Street, Brighton, Sussex - 2nd February 2005
(Glynn Vivian Miners Mission)

This began life as an independent chapel in 1698, was rebuilt in 1825 and closed in 1988 after use by a variety of congregations.  The present building (1825) was designed and buit by Amon Wilds, senior, with a neoclassical stucco fašade.

Former Chapel, Union Street, Brighton, Sussex - 2nd February 2005 - MTC

The interior had tow semi-circular galleries and a large baptismal pool under the floor for baptism by total immersion.

This is a transcription of a plaque on the wall:

"To the Glory of God
In Loving memory of
The great evangelist who laboured for over 50 years in the Lord's vineyard and was the means of winning thousands of precious souls for God's glory.
Mr Varley was brought to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 16 in 1851, and although in business found time to preach the gospek. - In 1860 he built the West London Free Tabernacle which held 1700 people - In 1868 he gave up business and devoted his whole time to evangelistic work, taking missions in the United Kingdom and abroad, visiting South Africa, India, The United States, Australia and Canada, preaching Christ where ever he went. His creed was simple:-
Ruin by the fall.
Redemption by the blood of Christ.
Regeneration by the Holy Ghost.
The last 3 years of his life were spent mostly in Brighton, and he often preached in the adjoining hall, never without God's seal on his ministry.
Mr Varley's last 3 sermons on Sunday evenings in Brighton were preached in this hall a short time before his death, and the text of the last is given below, so that he being dead yet speaketh.
'He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life, and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life but the wrath of God abideth on him.'
Mr Varley passed away peacefully at Brighton, on Saturday, the 30th of March 1912, in his 77th year.
This tablet is erected to his memory by the officers, congregation and friends of the Glynn Vivian Miners Mission, Union St Hall, in token of their love and esteem for one to whom they owe so much.
Colonel James Philips, Supt. C.V.M.M.
J. Ridge, Sunday School Supt.
W. Wheatland, Sunday School Secy.
Miss Holford, Bible Woman
E. Voke, Missionary
C Robson."

Memorial, Union Street Chapel, Brighton, Sussex - 2nd February 2005 - MTC

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