How to use my Ancestor Album

This I believe to be a Butler ancestor

This album contains scans of antique photographs that family members have kindly allowed me to collect.  Many of these pictures, where identified, are included in my family history pages.

However, sadly, the passage of time has meant that some of the photographs are not positively identified and I include them here in the remote hope that a visitor to my site may be able to identify the individuals shown.  For example, the picture shown here, on (broken!) glass, was found in the effects of my Uncle on his death and is believed to be an ancestor on my mothers side of the family.  Exactly who is anyone's guess, but it is commonly believed to be one of the Butler ancestors!

At the very least, the pictures are interesting from a historical perspective - and there is a real lesson for us modern photographers to make sure we identify our subjects!  I also love the formal compositions - a real art form, with all the theatrical props!

If, by some chance, you are able to offer information (or even an informed opinion) about any of the pictures contained here, or indeed have other old pictures of relations you would like to add, then please do email me on the address below. 

If you are an expert on photograph or costume dating then I would also love your opinions!

One of my key objectives in creating this collection is to save the images for future generations, so any help you can give would be very much appreciated.

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Please do not reproduce or store any of the pictures on this site without asking first.  Permission is usually given for non-commercial use.

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