Former Methodist Chapel, Mountfield, East Sussex - 28th February 2004

Now a garden furniture shop, this chapel appears to be suffering an identity crisis as it also bears the station name from the old Mountfield Halt - it is located directly adjacent to the railway level crossing in Mountfield.

Old Chapel, Mountfield, East Sussex - 28th February 2004 - MTC

The first Mountfield Methodist congregation appears to have started in the early 19th century, the records for 1809 show a membership of 37.  The early meeting place was at Pankhurst Farm, then the Gypsum Company lent the Methodists the mill room, next to the old weighbridge.  However after about nine years it was required for another use and the Weslyans had to seek land to build a chapel.

The Earl of Ashburnham donated the land beside the railway crossing at Riverthall and the chapel was built at a cost of 400.  It could seat 140 people.  The memorial stones were laid at a service on 20th March 1894 and the opening service was held on 18th April 1894.

The chapel had a flourishing Sunday school.  The registers from the 1940's, when the school was being run by my relative (1st cousin twice removed) Connie Collins, show around 36 children attending each week.  Connie was succeeded in the early 1950s by Lillian Westbrook, the school continuing into the 1960s until the chapel finally closed.

The chapel closed in 1975 and is now a residence, although the alterations to the front of the building are regrettable.

There is a photograph of the chapel when still in use for worship in my Postcard Album.

Digital photograph

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